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Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify what you or your family needs. We also offer  a suite of quality products whether you are starting a new business or needing help you resolve a decedent's finances when they did not have a living will or estate.

 In most of these situations probate is not required but you will have a lot of work ahead of you. 

We Care Family Solutions is here to help you ensuring you a quick and smooth process.  

Five Myths About Wills and Probate 

1. If someone dies without a will, the state gets everything 

2. It takes years to probate an estate

3. The cost of probate will eat up all of the estate assets

4. I don't have to leave anything to my spouse

5. As the oldest child, I am entitled to be the executor of my parent's estate 

Mission statement – We strive on providing a variety of consulting services to assist you with establishing and manage your business or families small estate.  We go above & beyond to provide exceptional service with empathy, love and respect. 

" With an unwavering commitment to ensure your loved ones assets are properly distributed and handled in a timely manner."


Brittany Miller, Owner/CEO

Brittany is an experienced professional who posses many years of experience as a business owner, legal assistant and  deceased account specialist.  With more than a decade of experience in the banking and legal industry she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which allows her to help others. She previously worked as an Analyst for some of the largest credit unions and most esteemed consultancies.  Providing a large variety of services to assist those who want to save money on legal fees and have a peace of mind. 

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Our ramp up process is designed  to minimize the estate closure and minimize the cost of fees.  Talk to us today about how we can support your family, limit  your expenses, and put you at ease during this difficult time.